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CSRD reporting made easy

The first reporting tool that is both smart and easy to use

Reporting shouldn't be painful.

In 2024, companies will begin CSRD reporting, covering diverse areas like Emissions, Supply Management, and Board Diversity. provides the best possible tools to streamline collaboration and data compilation.

We provide the guidance and structure to integrate compliance across your organization and ecosystem.

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What we help you with

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Manage & collaborate

Theo provides structure and the tools to manage, collaborate and assemble your disclosures

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Data lake

Our sustainability Data Lake helps you compile and structure files from multiple data sources

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Our tool-set was tailor-made for CSRD, simplify life with our smart interface and CSRD-bot

Assessment | Guide | Collaboration | Data lake

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The disclosure requirements are front and center when adhering to CSRD.

Theo provides you the structure and

tools you need to collaborate with all stakeholders, keep track and handle the vast amounts of data needed to comply.

Our admin tools will help you keep track on the progress and make sure you never drop the ball.

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Talk to Thomas

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Interested in learning more? Thomas is one of the masterminds behind and loves talking CSRD and how we can support.

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Højbovej 1C, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark

Theo AB - 559442-5372